R2P HeaderHello Friends ~

I have two big announcements to share with you today. I’m just going to throw them at you right up front here before I get nervous and change my mind…

First, I’m writing a book!

Phew! I said it. I’m writing a book. It’s a funny thing, letting people in on your projects before they’re finished. As a perfectionist and introvert, it’s a bit unnatural to announce anything unless I’ve determined it is complete and ready for other people’s eyes. There’s just something so intimidating about letting others in on your process, letting them see the ups and downs and length of time a project like this takes.

I’m taking the advice of a few trusted friends, however, and inviting you all to join me on this journey. Apparently it’s good to let people know what you’re up to or something like that. So there it is – I’m writing a book. I’m intimidated as hell by the enormity of this project, but now that I’ve told you about it I can’t back out! Also, as you’ll read later, you have a role to play in this book writing process as well.

I’ve already received some great suggestions for the book, including this awesome title and potential book cover. What do you think?


To learn more about the book I’m working on and how you can help me reach my goal, check out my Current Project page. If you still have questions, send them along! I’m happy to chat about details of the book, how writing is going, how many cups of coffee it’s going to take to complete chapter one, etc. Hit me up here, on Twitter or Facebook anytime.

Second announcement – I’ve got a new website!

The good news in all of this is that whilst I’m nervous about letting everyone in on this book I’ve just started, I have a great new website that I’m not nervous at all about sharing with you! A big shout out to my friend Jedd who brought my website back into the proper decade. He and his wife have a great consulting business, and you should definitely contact them for all your website/social media/project management needs.

So, take some time and wander around the new site. Let me know what you think!

Thanks again for all your support throughout the years. Looking forward to what this year brings and how this project will evolve as I get deeper into it. I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress and what this whole book writing process looks like.




  1. Hi Corrie,
    This is Christopher Woolsey’s mom! I’m delighted to find you again and support you in writing your book! I’m working in Abu Dhabi, training Emirati teachers here. I remember what it was like to start my own book back in Vancouver. You can e-mail me at drmarylynnwoolsey@gmail.com. You can do this, thought by thought….word by word!

    Lynn Woolsey


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