Over the weekend, the Northern government of Sudan invaded the contested border town of Abyei. This town, home to both northern and southern citizens, with links to oil, has been a point of contention and a major concern throughout the secession process. Invading with tanks, soldiers and an air bombardment, news from the ground is that the entire population of Abyei has fled the region. This event is one many feared would come, and could very likely lead to yet another civil war in Sudan.

While the Northern government accepted the South’s vote to secede, the events of this past weekend make clear they have no intention of letting them go quietly. I will be following this story closely, and will try to keep you updated as well.

Check out these links for more information:

Eric Reeves’ Blog – A true running blog of events in Abyei

NY Times – “Northern Sudan Invades Town on Border With South”

BBC – “Abyei Seizure by North ‘Act of War’, says South”

Reuters – North Sudan Takes Control of Key Town in Abyei

Background on Abyei

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