I am a freelance writer and content editor.

Headshot of Corrie Hulse, sitting on a wooden bench in a tree-lined park.

Twitter: @corrie_hulse

I have a passion for making complex topics accessible, and for bringing human stories to the forefront. I love helping people share their experiences, and encouraging them as they grow their own voices.

Full Bio

With my roots in the Pacific Northwest, fair trade coffee runs through my veins. My writing is firmly planted in my morning French press, and like any self-respecting Washingtonian, it flourishes on a good rainy day. I may be in Brooklyn, NY now, but you’ll still find me writing at the local coffee shop, hoping for rain.

With more than a decade of experience working in higher education—both in the United States and beyond—a BA in sociology from Pacific Lutheran University, and an MA from the University of Washington where I studied matters of civilian protection, I offer clients a broad scope of expertise in my writing. From pieces on teaching remedial writing to trials at the International Criminal Court, I am able to create clear and focused content, tackling complex and difficult issues, and making them accessible to the average reader.

I began my writing career as a human rights blogger for Change.org, and my work can now be found places such as World Policy, Global Solutions, Foreign Policy in Focus, The Mantle, Medium, and Stop Genocide Now. I also recently published an essay collection on the Responsibility to Protect. Additionally, future projects include my first foray into fiction with my upcoming novel.

On the editorial side, I served as both the international affairs editor and the managing editor for The Mantle. I also volunteer my editorial skills to iACT, a refugee-led organization focused on bringing sports and education to refugee camps. I am credited as a writer on the CUNY Career Kit project, and I have also taken on various editing projects on a freelance basis including helping students craft successful college application essays. Contact me if you would like to hire me or talk to me about writing and editing, and let me bring your story to life over my morning coffee.