I am a freelance content editor and writer.

I have a passion for making complex topics accessible, and for bringing human stories to the forefront. I love helping people share their experiences, and encouraging them as they grow their own voices.

Hi! I’m Corrie, a freelance editor and writer living in Brooklyn, NY with a passion for helping non-profits and human rights organizations find their voice. My work is fueled by a deep belief in our shared humanity, strong feelings about the Oxford comma, and French press coffee.

I specialize in developmental and content edits. This involves digging deep into a piece and making sure that at its core it is telling the desired story, it is clear and concise, and it is connecting with your audience. It also means eliminating jargon, strengthening arguments, and being intentional about language use.

I am also adept at writing clear and focused content. I tackle difficult issues and use intentionally accessible language to bring big ideas to global audiences. My writing career began as a human rights blogger for Change.org, and my work can now be found places such as World Policy, Global Solutions, Foreign Policy in Focus, The Mantle, Medium, and Stop Genocide Now.

In the past, I have served as the international affairs editor and then the managing editor for an online magazine. I bring the lessons I learned in those roles — as well as my decade teaching in higher education — with me into my editing and writing work today.

My education includes a BA in sociology from Pacific Lutheran University and an MA in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Washington, where I focused my research on the Responsibility to Protect. I also have a certificate in peace operations from the University of Montréal and completed the Professional Training Program on the Prevention of Mass Atrocities at the Montréal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.