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Developmental Editing

As the former managing editor of a magazine with eight years of editorial experience, I am adept at developmental edits. I can help you find your voice and strengthen your arguments.

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Web Copy

An easy way to bring people into your organization or business is to make your website accessible and easy to read. I can write or edit Landing Pages, About Pages, etc.

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Blogs & Essays

Need content for your organization? I have you covered. I am skilled at both short and long form writing, and can find just the right voice and tone for your brand.

Articles & White Papers

I love nothing more than digging into big ideas and enabling an organization to share their purpose through an article or white paper. Let me help you share your expertise with the world.

College Admissions Essays

Ten years of teaching writing in higher education make me uniquely qualified to guide students through the college essay experience. I can help you tell your story and make your voice stand out.


I have spent more than a decade crafting curriculum for English language learners and college remedial writing and reading courses. Let me help you create and/or edit your curriculum.



Human Rights

Higher Ed



“Corrie is a strong and impactful writer and editor. During the four months we worked with her on our weekly Atrocity Alert, Corrie always gave prompt, thoughtful and helpful edits and feedback to improve this publication. It was a pleasure working with someone of her calibre, attention to detail and expertise on a variety of country situations where populations are at risk of atrocities. We highly recommend working with Corrie!

The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Team

“Corrie Hulse is a thoughtful, committed, prompt, and detail-oriented writer and editor. She is able to curate an appropriate voice and tone that matches the information being shared for a new work, and also maintain the original voice of a piece she’s editing. Corrie is a joy to work with. She is able to bring a sense of humor to a working relationship, even when covering the hardest topics such as genocide and human rights.”

Katie-Jay Scott, Executive Director, iACT

“Corrie is professional, skilled, and a pleasure to work with. She’s a strong writer, and any organization would be lucky to have her.”

Benjamin Joffe-Walt, COO, Change.org

“Corrie edited my daughter’s college admissions essay. Corrie was current, meticulous, professional, and thorough with her editing and suggestions. Her comments and advice were positive and encouraging, and more than simply highlighting typos and grammatical errors. Corrie assisted my daughter in fine-tuning her essay structure, word choices, writing style, and original themes which are what prestigious university programs are looking for.
Corrie’s enthusiasm and approachability made my daughter less apprehensive about her college essay editing process. Corrie’s quick turnaround also put my daughter at ease with the looming application deadlines. I highly recommend Corrie Hulse.”

Alexandra Nuttall-Smith

Let’s create something amazing together.