Families fleeing the violence in Western Darfur. A woman carries a barrel over her head next to a man with cart. Behind them are a multitude of families carrying their possessions.

What began as a violent altercation between two men in a displaced persons camp in El Geneina, the capital city of Western Darfur, quickly spiraled out of control over the weekend of January 15-17. According to current reports, the violence spread to militias–described by many survivors as Janjaweed–who then attacked at least 13 neighboring villages, where citizens were brutalized, murdered, and their homes burned. While information has slowly trickled out in the days since, estimates are now hovering around 250 dead and 100,000 displaced. The United Nations is reporting that at least 10 of these deaths were children, and three were humanitarian aid workers.

Read the rest of this article at Stop Genocide Now.

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